2011 Road Ahead

by Jim Baird on February 4, 2011

Further into the recovery; still defining the New Normal 

As we look down the road ahead, we see the prospects for a double-dip recession diminishing.  The extension of the Bush-era tax cuts may further stimulate the economy, but we believe that the natural business cycle likely would have avoided a double dip even without that additional stimulus.  Instead, we see an economy that appears poised for reacceleration.  While nearterm growth rates may be close to long-term averages, and frankly may surprise to the upside, we expect structural issues will keep long-term growth rates below historical averages.

 Each year we provide a brief review of the where the economy stands today, along with our expectations for the coming years.  Below is a link to our Road Ahead piece and your 2011 checklist.

 2011 Road Ahead

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