2012: The Road Ahead

by Jim Baird on February 13, 2012

Transition and Opportunities

After a year of disappointing economic growth, meager stock market returns, and an intense global focus on sovereign debt levels and fiscal policy, 2012 is now shaping up to be a pivotal period for the current expansion.  Given the significant structural issues that remain unresolved, we anticipate that 2012 is likely to be another volatile year in the capital markets.  In this environment, remaining committed to broad diversification within the context of one’s strategic asset allocation, while making tactical changes geared toward reducing risk and/or enhancing returns, should allow investors to effectively navigate 2012 and beyond.

Each year we provide a brief review of the where the economy stands today, along with our expectations for the coming years.  To read more, please visit our 2012 annual report:

2012: The Road Ahead

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